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Huizhou Xin Yang outdoor technology co., ltd establied in 2015,which is a professional manufacturer which is engaged in designing and producing various led outdoor lighting products ,such as LED Headlamp,LED Flashlight, and other LED Lights. The factory covers more than 3000 square meters and have more than 50 workers ,professional R&D department and sales team.

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  • How to select a best outdoor headlamp ?

    Strong light headlamp selection skills: 1. Easy to recharge the battery. It is best to use an explosion-proof headlamp that can be charged everywhere, even in a small mountain village, as long as there is electricity, or in most cases the ideal battery with this characteristic is 18650 batteries....

  • Introduction of different applications of outdoor strong led headlamp

    Six different uses of outdoor led headlamps. Nowadays, outdoor activities are very popular among people, because outdoor activities can relax our spirit of stress at work, cultivate our sentiments, and achieve the effect of physical and mental health. With more and more outdoor activities, the re...

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    Development Trend of LED Lighting Flashlight Market

    LED lightingThe development trend of the flashlight market should focus on the liaison between ecological issues and the public. In recent years, the development trend of the lighting market has been in an unstable state; due to the occurrence of LED lighting flashlights...

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    Company Development History and Unique Selling Points of Products

    Founded in 2015, Huizhou Xinyang is a leading brand in the lighting industry integrating R&D, production and sales. The product line involves outdoor lighting, industrial lighting, home lighting, commercial lighting and other fields, covering flashlights, headlamps, ...

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    Global Lighting Engineering Market Prospect Forecast China is the biggest potential stock

    Europe In July 2000, the EU implemented the "Rainbow Project" and established the Executive Research Directorate (ECCR) to support and promote the application of white LEDs through the EU's BRITE/EURAM-3 program, and entrusted 6 large companies and 2 universities to impl...



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