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Huizhou Xin Yang outdoor technology co., ltd establied in 2015,which is a professional manufacturer which is engaged in designing and producing various led outdoor lighting products ,such as LED Headlamp,LED Flashlight, and other LED Lights. The factory covers more than 3000 square meters and have more than 50 workers ,professional R&D department and sales team.

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  • Camping Lights: Perfect for Outdoor Adventures

    If you’re planning a camping trip or any kind of outdoor adventure, a camping light is one of those accessories you don’t want to forget. Camping lights are essential tools that help you navigate the dark, making it easier to pitch your tent, prepare food, or just go for a night walk....

  • Work Lights -The Importance of Proper Lighting in the Workplace

    Work Lights: The Importance of Proper Lighting in the Workplace Proper lighting is essential in any workplace. Not only is this critical to productivity and efficiency, but also to the safety and well-being of employees. Work Light refers to the lighting provided in the working environment. In th...

  • Get A Great LED Flashlight Here

    LED Flashlights are more and more favored by consumers for their advanced technology and excellent quality. These Flashlights use LEDs are more energy efficient and durable than traditional flashlights. Whether for outdoor adventures, emergencies, or everyday use, LED Flashlights have proven to b...

  • You Do Need a Better LED Headlamp

    LED Head Lamps are one of the most popular types of lighting tools on the market today. These small, compact devices have revolutionized the way we light our surroundings, making it easier and more convenient for people to navigate in the dark. Led Headlamps is a flashli...

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    The Nice Camping Lanterns for You

    Whether heading into the backcountry or lighting up the night while car camping, we've found the best Camping Lanterns for every use and budget. A good Light Camping Lamp is...



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